Our Story

Fans Utopia was founded by Natasha Root. 

As a woman, we love celebrating the invigorating experience of sex and exploring the fetishes that drive us wild. I believe that the online idol community deserves a place to connect with their fans on a deeper level while also making money.

This is why I started Fans Utopia and the FU Tribe, to bring fans and their idols together to share their secrets and fetishes in a safe space.

All the idols who sell their unique used fetish items on our site are in complete control of their products. Because we believe in supporting fully self-expressed performers and ensuring that they have the support they need to succeed in growing their brand.


We handle the entire process, all you have to do is tell us the used fetish items, used panties for sale that you want us to list on our site. We take care of the rest so you can sit back, relax, connect with your fans and grow your brand.

Admit it – there’s that one celebrity you have a crush on. Take things a notch higher, straight into the adult entertainment waters. There’s that adult entertainment star you’d do anything for. Your phone’s gallery is full of videos. You have folders upon folders hidden in your laptop. Each folder is full of her videos. You’re not alone. Everyone has that kind of crush. Yet again, take things a notch higher…imagine having with you her knickers. Yes, you read that right – her knickers.

Let’s use some real life examples to put things into perspective. Now, here’s a random list of some pretty popular porn stars:

Siri Dahl, Mia Malkova, Emma Hix, Violet Myers, Kayley Gunner, Christiana Cinn

What goes on in your mind as you read each name? Images of sexy stars, fully nude or half nude in sexy knickers flashed across your mind. You even got a little horny. Now imagine having knickers from all of these stars sent to you for your personal use. You get to do whatever you want with the knickers….and get this…they are not fakes. You actually get to ascertain if they are fake or not. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, that’s exactly what Fans Utopia is all about. Think of it as a one stop shop where you can window shop and even buy pornstar panties for sale with absolute discretion.

Easy Shopping

If you’ve bought used knickers online before, then you know the deal here. Not in the loop yet? Well, it’s easy. Think of it as any other form of online shopping only that this time, you’ll probably be rock hard horny as you shop. You’ll also go through hundreds of profiles looking at different pornstar panties for sale.

Notably, Fans Utopia isn’t all about porn stars selling their knickers. You can actually buy used panties on the site from people you’ve never heard of before. The site is more or less like a marketplace for people who have panty fetish. That means you can buy and sale panties.

For pornstars, you’ll notice full profiles complete with their social media handles. That’s mostly because porn stars have literally nothing to hide. That’s of course, not the case with the regular Stacy looking to make some quick buck online. In that case, all you’ll see are images of dirty panties for sale. You get to go through several images until you find one that tickles your fancy. Want a red, lacy thong? Not a big deal…take your time as you browse through the site until you find the red, lacy thong you crave for. It is really that’s simple.

Special Requests

Been on Fans Utopia for hours and you still can’t find the panties you’re looking for? Relax, it happens! You can always send in a special request. Be as detailed as you can about what you’re looking for. Send in your request and wait for a response from the store’s customer service department.

Chances are, you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for or you may have to be patient as Fans Utopia personnel source for you what you’re looking for. You’ll actually notice something unique here. First off, the response from the customer service department will be quick. You’ll also notice that your concerns will have been handled in a humane way. You get the sense that someone actually cares for you – because yeah, Fans Utopia cares about their clients…or fans! Definitely fans.

Discreet Shipping And Shopping

You certainly don’t want anyone to know that you buy used panties online. It’s called a fetish for a reason. It is personal…and something that only another person with the same fetish will understand. Fans Utopia understands all these. That is exactly why everything on the site is discrete.

The checkout process is simple and even more importantly, secure. The whole shopping experience gets better with the fact that Fans Utopia ships worldwide. All these is done in a way that’s 100% private. Your package will also get to you packed in a way that’ll most likely impress you.


Like already hinted above, Fan Utopia is more or less like a market place bringing together panty fetish individuals from all over the globe. Like any other market place, pricing differs here. You can buy used panties from as low as $40. Interestingly, there’s no cap as to the maximum amount a used panty can sell for. Reason? Well, every once in a while, Fans Utopia gets to stock highly priced panties from some of the most sought after porn stars in the US. These are of course, rare gems – collectibles so to speak. That can only mean one thing as far as pricing is concerned – you have to part away with lots of dollars…something close to a thousand bucks or even more. And yes, you guessed it right. You can buy more than just panties at Fans Utopia. You can also buy tops and braziers.